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Update describe_state_transition.

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......@@ -242,6 +242,33 @@ This page describes the changes to the IEEE standard 1801 (UPF 2.1) that were ma
**Example:** *create_voltage_source bbgen_0 -domain TOP_PD -output_supply_port {VNW_P nwell_net} -output_supply_port {VPW_N pwell_net} -control_port {CTRL_0 pmc} -control_port {CTRL_1 pmc}*
#### describe_state_transition
<table width=100%>
<td colspan=2>Enhanced version of IEEE-1801 <i>describe_state_transition</i> with support for transition conditions.</td>
<td colspan=2><b>describe_state_transition</b> <i>transition_name</i>
<br><b>-object</b> <i>object_name</i>
<br>[<b>-from</b> <i>from_list</i>]
<br>[<b>-to</b> <i>to_list</i>]
<br>[<b>-paired</b> <i>{{from_state to_state}*}</i>]
<br>[<b>-condition</b> <i>{boolean_expression}</i>]
<td><b>-condition</b> <i>[{boolean_expression}</i></td>
<td>Condition that needs to hold to switch from a from_state to a to_state. to_list shall have exactly one element if specified!</td>
**Example:** *describe_state_transition trans -object MY_POWER_DOMAIN -from ON -to OFF -condition {/alu/func != 4}*
#### include_custom_device
<table width=100%>
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