Commit 98d4f253 authored by Dustin Peterson's avatar Dustin Peterson

Updated xUPF spec.

parent d7407622
......@@ -611,7 +611,7 @@ If a strategy shall be controlled by a power management controller, use the refe
**Example:** *set_isolation strategy_name -isolation_signal pmc_ref*
### create_power_switch, add_voltage_source_state, create_custom_device
### create_power_switch, add_voltage_source_state, include_custom_device
If a power switch or voltage source shall be controlled by a power management controller, make sure that no control signal is driven by another component (so either connect it with the power management controller or leave it unconnected). Furthermore are the expressions for power switch states, voltage source states and custom device states limited to have the terminals 0, 1 and any control port. Furthermore concatenations are not supported.
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