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Added qemu compile instructions and download of Petalinux.

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# QEMU Zynq Petalinux setup on Linux Hosts
## Install QEMU
Download the QEMU source:
git clone git://
Get the `pixman` and `dtc` submodules:
git submodule update --init pixman dtc
Compile with:
./configure --target-list="aarch64-softmmu,microblazeel-softmmu" --enable-fdt --disable-kvm --disable-xen
make -j4
## Boot Petalinux
In order to boot petalinux you have to download the devicetree and the Petalinux images from Xilinx. Open the following URL: [](
Download the latest release (here _Zynq 2016.4 Release_) for _zc702_ or download via command line with:
Extract the archive:
tar xf 2016.4-zc702-release.tar.xz
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